Trying to develop new PHP file, every time I run it the file disappears

I’m developing a new PHP file under Windows 10. Each time I run the file (which terminates with an error), the source file disappears. Also somehow its name is blacklisted so I can’t just resave the file with the same name. I have to give it a new name. So if my file is called testfile.php, after I run it there is no file testfile.php, and if I try to resave the file as this name it says I don’t have permission. So I have to resave it as testfile2.php, testfile3.php etc.

Why is this happening?

Seems like something that an anti-virus program would do?

Yes, that’s what it was. My AV was putting the file into quarantine because for some reason it thought it was infected with something. So I was able to restore the program, and avoid having to redo about a day’s worth of development. I’ve no idea why it thought my very short and innoccuous program was infected…

Thank you - Rowan

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