Trying to add a CC function to a php contact form

I have a php contact form that works perfectly.

It has a drop down list, and the forms results are emailed to the selected drop down persons email address.

I want to add a CC to the form … so that there is a copy, or record of all emails sent from the form.

Not sure how to do this.

Below is what I have … how do I integrate the CC function into the script.


[font=times][php]$to = $_POST[“to”]; if(!in_array($to,array("[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]","[email protected]"))) $to = "[email protected]"; $subject = “Order”;[/php][/font]

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