trying change a value in this free PHP flash games script

Hey everyone, I found a free online flash games script and installed it to my website at

unfortunatly it doesn’t come with much documentation and my PHP skills are nothing to brag about (how can I complain when it’s free).

There are two changes I would like to make to it

  1. (most important) enlarge the flash game area when they are playing it… it’s just really way too small. better yet I would like to be able to have a FULLSCREEN button available to the player but at the least double the size of the game.

  2. make three rows of games on the front page rather than 2.

I have searched through all the files and experimented for hours with different values in different files and no good, I was able to adjust everything BUT what I needed to adjust, : ) any help would be MOST appreciated

PS. if you know the creator of this script or the name of it, maybe I can find a forum that talks about it. thanks again!

if you want to experiment with it, select one of the following options:

the script and hundreds of flash games and images 72.6 MB: …

Just the script and directories, only 26.7 KB …

PS. one last question, anyone know what " ???»?? " means? it appeared on the top of the front page all of a sudden.

Thanks again!

. . . . .

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