Trouble with includes() pls help

Ok so i have my hosting and i have phpprobid running on it. infact i have 2 probid scripts running. my problem is that each probid script is running from its own directory (sub directory) and i want to make an index page outside of both of these directories which link to each of these probid directories by way of links.

Anyway i had made a page with the includes to the files i want to include (which are inside one of the probid directories) but i am getting access denied. ive tried doing the includes to files inside a phpbb3 directory i have also and its still erroring only with the phpbb3 the files are there in a way but only showing txt, no formatting or images.

this link HERE may be able to show you what i mean rather then my poor attempt of explaining it lol.

I would really appreciate any help you may be able to give me on this…

Many thanks in advance

Without looking at your problem, have you checked out Escaping The Labyrinth of PHP Includes?

Yeah i had a look through it. I am using the includes function correctly but its almost as if the files have a security feature where they are unable to be linked to from outside the directory. Does this sound stupid or is this common in PHP? i dont really know. I have tried probid forums where i am registered but no one seems to want to answer my questions even the help from probid themselves seems to be non existant.

Ive even tried copying exactly the index.php from inside the directory and making a copy outside the directory and just changing the paths to the includes but it just aint aving none of it.

Can you perform a CHMOD action on the server (through FTP for example)? If so, you might want to try that.

Which folder would i chmod though? for security reasons i wouldnt want to jeperdise my site. The folder structure for chmod is this…

the probid directory from the root is chmodded 755, the themes folder where the files i want are is chmodded 755, then the template folder i want is chmodded 755 also, so i dont see to b honest why it wont allow me to include them from OUTSIDE the probid directory.

Hmmz, what did your host say on the matter?

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