Trouble in Learning php

I have started knowing about programming languages and PHP being really known have made my way to follow it deeply.
But I am facing troubles and challenges in understanding things regarding it.
Also is it a sufficient skill for pursuing career in backend development?
I do not know the right answer to that
Honest help would be really helpful.


I’m an old fart that has been programming since the early 1980s, but I think my advice is still good today. I say learn a beginning language such as BASIC, Fortran (if that’s still around) or Pascal. My advice would to learn BASIC then progress to C+ as that in my opinion is the basic structure for most other programming languages.

However, if you want to jump into the water with both feet in PHP then I would start off with the very beginning which using begins writing a simple script displaying “Hello World”. I would also suggest knowing how to write HTML, CSS and a little bit of Javascript really well in order to fully grasp the difference between client side coding and backend coding (PHP being one of those languages). Knowing HTML/CSS well will also help when it comes to learning PHP as you’ll know if it’s a PHP problem or if it simply a HTML/CSS problem majority of the time. It will also help people who are trying to help you also and they won’t be rolling their eyes too much. :wink::smiley: Though don’t be afraid to asks questions as we all have asked stupid questions or spent hours working on a script that ends up going in the trash. It’s just part of the learning process and we for the most part learn from our mistakes. Though I have to admit I sometimes commit the same mistakes every once in awhile, but I mostly chalk it up that I’m getting old.

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Sufficient skill will depend entirely on the company that hires you. I know some that believe if you can feed yourself, you can be a junior dev; would I hire you? No. I want at least a basic understanding of the language and what the process is. The rest can be learned on the job, but you should know how to write basic code, how to determine what is wrong when it doesn’t behave as it should (debugging); and at least a thought of proper security practices.

Programming is really one of those things were you learn by failing. The more you do, the more you learn. While it is possible to focus just on backend, I’ve had a few roles where that was my entire focus, it is not as common. You will much more likely be a fullstack developer that can do front, back, and some database work. While this may not seem like a good thing, it is long term for career aspirations. You want to have an understanding of the entire process and you want to be able to know where the problems are.

It all didn’t click for my in the beginning and OOP was the hardest thing for my head to actually wrap around. Keep at it, take breaks, and it will start clicking eventually.


Before talking about back end development as a profession, I will explain to you what precisely the backend is?

In simple words, the back end is that invisible part of any application that supports all the internal elements. Back end web development performs the task of “how does it work.”

Any user cannot see the backend, and only you can see the things.

Php is and will always stay in demand for backend developers. Additionally, you should know all the programming languages like

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Basic knowledge of Cloud App Development
  4. CSS
  5. JS

Always focus on learning more because more and more skills will help you to perform well in the field you are into, and it will make your confidence level up. Rest, while learning, you will get to know how and what things you are liking and how they are working.

I agree with the rest, but this is specialized. A cloud architect makes the decisions on this as there is a very big difference between normal and cloud native architecture design. Most people think that if it runs on a public cloud, it is cloud development, it isn’t.

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