Travel Website Project


I am in process of learning html and php in at effort to build and enhance my travel agency website. I need to create a backend system that allows my suppliers to respond to quotations generated from my website, they will enter their costs and once approved by them enter into a queue where I can see it, add my percentage and forward it back to the customer. I’m trying to not use email between myself and my supplier, I want everything to be automated through the front/back end of the site.

Here is an example of a 3 day tour.

Customer visits my website and fills in a form which generates an itinerary.

Number of People = X

Pickup = City X

Pickup Date = X

Pickup Time = X

Destination 1 = X

Destination 2 = X

Destination 3 = X

This needs to be log into a database and displayed within my suppliers login, he/she will then enter their costs. Once they have approved it the quote is moved to my login(Admin) so I can then add my percentage, once completed I want to approve it and have an email quote generated and sent back to the customer.

Is there any templates or example code/sites that I could use to get started.

Thanks in advance

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