transload a file??

Hi all, i want to transload a file from to my website server using my premium account and at the same time start downloading it to my computer.

let me explain, i have shared ip internet, and for some reason i can not download directly from files hosts, don’t know why. therefore this will greatly help me.

i want this, for example this is rapidshare download link,

i want to write php script so that when i make the link like this

when i put this link into my download manager, it will start downloading to my server and at the same time a download will start from my server to my computer, is it clear now?

waiting to hear from u guys

If you have premium account at rapidshare, when you want to download file from your browser you are loggin in with your user name/password at rapidshare. Same thing must be programmed in your php script - you need to send login/password, listen what cookies rapidshare return you, and then download desired file. If you don’t implement this authentication process in your php script, rapidshare will just treat your server’s request as a free user and protect download with captcha.

i already know that. but anyhow i’m able to download from rapidshare now

thanks a lot

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