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I love the site, and everyone helping each other makes a big difference. I have been helped many times, when all I needed was a set of new eyes to see a simple typo. I sometimes find it more difficult to find unsolved post. It would be a great improvement if a record could be made to mark as solved. Sometimes just because there are a few replies doesn?t mean that it is solved. I think it would be a great addition to an already useful community

I agree that this would be very useful, though not as much in a small a community as our own. On a larger site, it would be a huge time saver.

Thats not a bad idea, a simple title change to “Solved” would be quite effective…

I’ll investiigate this, sadly I dont have control over any of the back end of PHPHelp, only PHPBB

I saw this thread and since then, (Even though I’m new and have only a couple of posts) I’ve been going in and editing my topic title with “(solved)” at the end when it has been …well…solved. :lol:

I think your idea is a great one. Maybe an announcement asking users to that would work to a certain degree?

I have seen this done on other sites and it is a good idea and in a utopian world it would work. Sadly, people never seem to take the time to click on the link that just adds the word resolved to the title. I know it would save time and be great, but I still don’t see many people besides the commoners here using it.

Just my thought on it.

If I had access to the hard code of the site, I’d make the changes myself. But alas, its not a perfect world. Builder would have to make the changes.

But yes, in the mean time maybe an annoucement would be suitable

Just a note (hoping those posted here will get the email) to say the site is back up and to come back (and bring your friends)


Yup all working!

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