Today -SUNDAY- only Ajax-PHP-MySQL script


Looking to get this knocked out early today US ESt time - and pays a little. and would like it before noon. I don’t want to toss this to GetACoder and screen thru the crap replies and end up training someone as well as i paid them. (yes, it’s happened…lol)

Requirements = Ajax-PHP-MySQL

Goal =

I have a business database in which I need to pull dynamically > select count(*) and display per user selection.

Here is the FLOW

if_user_uses = Select State (display total record count) THEN IF > if_user_uses = Select County (display total record count for each county) THEN IF > user_uses = Select Cities (display record count for each City)

this is something I can do myself, but today I just do not have the time…until next weekend.

Thanks in advance, Jim


Send me everything you have along with your budget and I will take a look at it.


Sorry for delay Kevin, but your reply came in “past noon” this day and I had to leave on a trip for a few days as well as i only have a short window of time early AM’s EST for 2 hours max to work on things… But Saturdays & Sundays my time frees up for most of mornings (EST)

Sending email now.