Time and frame removing. PLEASE GUYS HELP ME


I try to rebuild a PTC site
The thing is when the member is click on hte ad, they get money after x sec.

I have the code, and the question is how i can remove the top frame, and the timer, but i would like to keep the money part. So when they open a link its will looks a normal link no frame no timer but they still get the monye. Can i do this??

The code is here:[php]<?
ScriptBux Version 2.50 beta
This Script has been created and coded by Gabrola and edited by hassan ahmady.
If you find any bugs in the script report at [email protected] or contact hassan ahmady.
Copywrite ScriptBux 2008;
Please make donations if you use this sript for commercial use
to My paypal account "[email protected]"

global $c;
global $config;

die(“Error - You need the advertisement ID.”);
if(!isset($_COOKIE[“usNick”]) && !isset($_COOKIE[“usPass”]))
$sqlz = “SELECT * FROM ads WHERE ad_id=’$adse’”;
$resultz = mysql_query($sqlz);
$myrowz = mysql_fetch_array($resultz);


  $sqlex = "UPDATE ads SET outside=outside +'1' WHERE ad_id='$adse'";
  $resultex = mysql_query($sqlex);


$checkad = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM ads WHERE ad_id=’$adse’”);
$ad_exist = mysql_num_rows($checkad);

if ($ad_exist<1) {
echo “You can only click an ad once every 24 hours.”; exit();

$ad = mysql_fetch_array($checkad);

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