Thumbs do show if <?php" as the very first


My ISP updated there server to a current Apache and php. Now my photo gallery php file no longer will display the thumbs generated. It does display the pictures. I have always used the php file within my web page design ie; header., menus, etc the the php code and then a footer.

After doing some research I was told that the php code must be all alone in a php file to display thumbs and pictures which the php file generates. That not even a space can precede the <?php

Is there a way around this?? Is this correct. I have tested the php code all alone in a file and works fine if I put a blank line or words before the line where php code starts it does not display the thumbs? Always worked before the ISP updates



Could just be a matter of updating the functions that you’re using. Some where depreciated when 5.x came out. If the php is at the top, then no, there can’t be any spaces before it, you’ll get header errors up the wazoo, also can’t have any text output before the headers are sent.

Could alse be that they no longer allow short tags (<? ?>). Its easy enough to see what’s allowed though, just create a page with <?php echo phpinfo(); ?> on it.