Thumbnail script needs to be modified

I found this cool script but I want it modified.
First the URL I would like to point to my flickr account so that it can pull pictures from my set only. Right now it pulls any pics from flickrs using tags. I don’t need tags.
Second thing is that all pics show up in one row, I would like to have Two columns three pics on each column. I dont know how to do that.

Any help would be appreciates since this sort of modifaction stuff is over my head.

Thanks ahead of time

<?php $tags = "sea, sand, caribe, sunshine"; $imageNumber = 6; function getFlickrRSS(){ global $tags, $ids; $url = "".$tags; if ($fp = fopen($url, 'r')) { $content = ''; while ($line = fread($fp, 1024)) { $content .= $line; } } return $content; } function getImages($rssContent){ global $imageNumber; $before = ' $oldPos) && (sizeof($imageList)<$imageNumber)); return $imageList; } $content = getFlickrRSS(); $imageList = getImages($content); ?>
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