thought I would say HI

I am not a programmer or developer just a person with average computer skills that woke up one day and said hey I think I will create a place for people who’s hobby is metal detecting to get together. Went to a host company thought it looked easy enough and jumped in. Now I have a site people are joining and I haven’t a clue what to do. Headaches are pouring in bots are always registering, changes need to be made, and me in my great stupidity decided to try to add a banner and somehow I have caused errors on the login page which renders the site useless. I posted a help topic for this under general and I am hoping that you gurus take pity on me and help me fix it. I really would like to learn php and have tried reading manuals and things on it but I am afraid they make no sense to me because I have never worked on any type of programming or html, I am an expert on how to turn the computer on but that is about the extent of my knowledge.
I am glad to of found this group and hope one day I will learn something.


What an endeavor you have taken on… How did you manage to get that far without a problem?

Oh well, Hope we can help.

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