Those that know...

Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach. ~Aristotle

It is a great thing to know that if one has a problem, they are able to ask for help that is needed of those who have had the problem before.

I had posted a couple of questions on this forum, and am happy to say that the responses where prompt and much needed. Though I have been coding for a limited time, it is a good feeling to know that there are places you can go to get the answers.

So, I would like to give everyone a big THANK YOU and a general pat on the back for being there when you are needed!

Thank you for the kudos. I am just happy that people find this site useful and I am able to supply useful answers and solutions to others problems. I know that when I started out, I used this form often and it was a great help!

Thank you for your accolades. A lot of thanks should also go to Steve Knoblock the original founder of this site. He has put a tremendous amount of effort into getting it to a useful point. It’s unfortunate that his health and other issues have prevented him to continue with it. That’s where I stepped in. I feel (or rather felt) just the same as you did. I was very involved in this site and had made Steve an offer to purchase it.

Now I hope to maintain it as a valuable and hopefully one of the best resources for help on the subject matter.

My request to you and anyone else that finds this site useful is to help and make it better. That help can come in many forms

– 1 – Stick around and help others with their problems or questions.
– 2 – Spread the word about this site. Perhaps post a link to this site from your site.
– 3 – Make a donation to help defray the costs of keeping this site running. (donation button at the top of the page).

All of us who are here on a regular basis (You know who you are!) give very generously of their time and knowledge and I for one would like to re-iterate MY thanks and gratitude for all that you do as well as everyone else who do what they can.

Would love to make PHPHELP.COM the number one (ok number 2 behind PHP Help and reference site.

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