thinking about making my own online editor for my files.

Hellos PHP Friends,

I have my website online that i use for my personal small business.

right now I barely got time to sit down and code on my computer but i do have plenty of time in my office.

so I’m thinking about making an online file Editor for my files within my server to be able to edit and save and file.
im talking bout .html, php, css, js, and xmal files. I was thinking about moving a copy of my files to my work station but for security reason i wont do it since at my work i have shared office.

I will be doing this a project and since on my online website i find bugs daily which are easy to correct by having this project done will ease the bugs correction proccess

of course only the admin will be able to edit files.

what you guys think about this approach?

If it’s a small-medium website, build a simple CMS and split your website into includes:


<?php //Run your select query and get the meta tags, page title and page body here $meta_title = ""; $meta_keywords = ""; $meta_description = ""; include "header.php"; //within your header set your meta tags echo "


"; echo "


"; include "footer.php"; ?>


indeed it is really small website, I have it together by including each file when need. In total i have about 20 files including heater,body,footer,css,js,php functions and scripts.

i have a habbit of always improving and making my website better anytime i learn something new.

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