the FCKEditor adding <p> <spaces....> </p> automatically.....which crushed my vi


Ckeditor loads and insert
or   at the top automatically, which hurts the view of my front end…any solution if u guys hv i made str_replace but doesnt work coz i dont knw what editor is adding   didnt replaced also
too can not be replaced…


Well, I don’t know of anyone using CKEditor, but, I have found that if you are in the “LIVE” view of the editor, it will place the “default” in the code for a space. So, if you are at the top of the “LIVE” view and hit a space, it will place either a
or   …

So, you said you are using CKEditor and then say you do not know which editor is doing it. My guess is that you are typing text in the “LIVE” view and not inside the code view.

Did that make sense or just waste your time? I will download CKEditor to test with it. And, if useful, will add it to my new site of tools. If you solve this issue, please post here and let us know what it was. Thanks!