The arrival of a PHP Idiot

Hello there

I have to admit that I’ve joined because I have absolutely no idea how to write or repair PHP, and recent upgrades by my website host has resulted into important scripts no longer working on my site. I’m going to need some help for a true PHP idiot.

Run away and save yourselves while you can! :wink:

All the best

Welcome, PHP Newbie! Hope we can help! Just make sure to post your code inside the PHP tags by using the PHP button at the top when you show us your code samples. And, of course, do not post email addresses or passwords in any of your code samples…

We are waiting to hear your first problem!

Thanks for the welcome. Actually the nature of the problem has changed a bit since I first posted, but I think it’s still likely that I need to work out how to rewrite PHP, so I’ll start with a broad question…

If you apply to learn all this. You won’t be an PHP idiot.

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