Thank you...

I would just like to give a “Special Thanks to Zyppora and Q1712” for their continuous effort in helping others on this forum.

And to peg110 for keeping this site up and running!

Thanks for the kudos… but you forgot to include yourself… I know you do a lot to keep things going in here. Unfortunately, I have not been in the forums as much as I like to but I do try to keep them up and running as best I can (even if I don’t pop in every now and then.)

I too would also like to thank Zyppora and Q1712 and all the others who contribute to helping others. PHPHELP.COM is a growing community that makes good strides on the web as well.

I am always open for suggestions on how to improve things around here. One of the things I am considering is providing an email service as well (at least to those who are consistent regulars) if they desire.

I will keep you posted.

-.- that’s what I get for going on vacation … late replies.

It’s good to see that my efforts don’t go unnoticed, but really, all I’m trying to do is help the community and others trying to fix their own scripts. I know I would like to have help when I get stuck with something.

It’s good to be appreciated :smiley:

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