Textbox Not Working After POST

After typing an invalid term into the search box and displaying an error, I can no longer type into the textbox. Here is the page the script is running at, and if you would like me to post the source code, including the PHP code, just ask.


You need to fix this element: #downtext in your css file. It overlays your search box (probably this is done intentionally?). Instead of position: fixed, have it position: relative, so that it appears below search box, not over it.

Still doesn’t seem to work. And now, there is a very long horizontal scroll bar appearing at the bottom of the screen after searching for an invalid term.

Sure it is “not working”. Check your css file, you have this:

#downtext { position: relative; text-align: center; left: 50%; padding-top: 25%; margin-left: -201px; color: orange; }

Most of elements on your page have position: fixed. This is not good. What is this: padding-top: 25% ? This means that your div element start from Top of page (overlaying everything) and you just add padding, so that text appears below search box. Try margin-top instead. But again, I will not say this will help 100%, because your css needs to be done in more logical way.

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