text field submit to database, then to website

Hey guys, thanks for this great forum for newbies to learn and grow with PHP. What I need help with is having my family website
able to have family members enter in text in a text box and submit it. Then I need the submitted text to go into a database where
there are categories set up. They need to be able to select the catagory when they submit. Then the text stored in mysql database
will automatically create a webpage with that content in that category. I have a script I use for my family photo album. It does the
same thing with uploaded pictures. How can I do this with text instead of pictures? sorry if this does not make any sense of if I have
not been specific enough. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

You can try to update your photo script, replacing file box with textarea, and also modifying database field (make it text/blob) and the piece of php code that saves data to database.

well I got the submit page to format with the dropdown box for category and with the textarea below it and the submit button to make my update.php script move the file to the mysql server and to display it on the appropriate page for that category. However, the script I have for the file upload is above my head and I can’t seem to tweek it to fit my needs. It has a lot of unnecessary stuff for what I need like find out what type of file is uploaded wich I am no longer working with a file, just text. I tried to remove what doesn’t apply and nothing works so I removed too much. There has to be an easier way… i hope… is there just a very basic script to upload text to server and then print it on a page under a category? Possibly not but thought I’d ask. I tried searching the net and I can’t find anything that fits my delema. OR should I just give up on the text and have everyone upload a .txt file to me instead and I can just have the link post instead of the contents like I would like? Please, any help or suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much!

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