Tailwind help for php

hi ,
can u help with this ,

what will be correct path for all html and php files ?

The correct path for all HTML and PHP files is:


This is the default location for HTML and PHP files on most web servers. If you are using a different web server, you may need to check the documentation to find the correct location.

The image you sent shows the directory structure of a typical web server. The /var/www/html directory is the root directory for all web content. This is where all HTML and PHP files are stored.

The /var/www/html/index.php file is the main file that is loaded when a user visits the website. This file is responsible for loading the other HTML and PHP files that make up the website.

The other HTML and PHP files in the /var/www/html directory are used to display different pages on the website. For example, there might be a file called /var/www/html/about.php that displays the website’s about page.

If you are creating a new website, you will need to create all of your HTML and PHP files in the /var/www/html directory. You can then use a web browser to access your website by visiting the URL http://localhost.

I don’t know if this solution will work, but @wordpress6, this is the concept and its better to post the code so that we can help instead of a screen shoot ,
Good Luck

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