Taggable profile categories

I am working on a ‘portal’ website, a user defined aggregator, really. I have been looking all around and I cannot find a simple FAQ or tutorial on this. I have tried a few CMSs and I find I am spending too much trying to edit the code than I would writing it.

Simply, I just want the ability to sign up and log in. The profile page would have a list of websites account names (digg, youtube, etc) that would then be accessible a la del.icio.us (posterndoor.com/alittler/digg).

Essentially, I am looking for a simple profile program that would create sub directories for every of the optional categories they fill in.

I have been working on this idea for a while and got the theory down, but I have not coded PHP in years and would love some help as to how to work this out, thank you kindly

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