tables setup for codes like states, address types, and etc.

Hello All,

I am wondering what people thing about this question?

I am setup a database, I am make different tables for a number of the peices of information as this information can have one or more entered like phone numbers there can be one type to about five type so instead of have one table with many feilds for phone I am have one table for all phone numbers that will have the phone_id connected to the user in the user table.

Any how I have a list of States, Prefix for name, Surfix for name, phone types, address types, etc etc should I make them in there own tables or should I setup on table for all these type of things these things will be drop down menus when using the forms, come of these have subcatugals

Any ideas would be great.


I think this article would help you out a bit, as well as googling for other articles, tips and tricks when doing database normalization.

One particular solution that I found very sophisticated was, when working with objects, to have two tables per object: one for all the single-valued attributes (such as name, age, gender, etc.) and one for the ‘repeating’ attributes (such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).

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