Table Organization


I’m new to delving heavily into MySQL, so apologies if this question seems overly simple.

For a game, I am working on a web application where participants can log in, create and manage characters real time. Mainly, is there such a thing as too many tables within a database?

My current thought process for tables is:

User table: This would be user id, password, email, player points
characters: This would be character name, player name, race and basic stats, basic stats would be changing numbers through gameplay.
skills: this would be the character name and all the skills in the game, the character either has the skill or do not have it and some skills have pre-requisites.

Is this too broad, too specific or am I on the right train?

Thanks for reading and your tips!


You are generally on the right track. Points should not be in the users table. Skills would not have the actual player name. It would be tied to it with a Foreign Key.

Before you start. Learn Database Normalization. It is important and will save you time and trouble later.


Kevin, thank you! I’ve been reading so much web material looking for that. I just didn’t have a name for it.