[SuperSimpleBlog] pics are not posted on the blog

Hi everyone!
Newbie here. I’m trying to set up a blog and decided to use supersimpleblog. Unfortunately, I can’t post images on the blog. They are uploaded, both to the images folder and the database but they are not displayed on the blog. Hence, my initial response was trying to find a syntax error in the script that gets the images but theres none as far as i can see. You can find it below. I’m using a VertrigoServ on Vista 32-bit. I would be really glad if u guys can help.

$result = mysql_query ($query);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_NUM)) {
$dateTime = strtolower($row[3]); //makes the AM PM lowercase. CSS is set to Capitalize the date later

echo “<a id=”{$row[4]}"><p class=“time”>$dateTime

"; //anchor tag set for easier linking
echo “<h1 class=“title”>{$row[2]}\n”;

$ima = split(", “, $row[1]); //build array out of images list
for($i=0; $i<count($ima); $i++){
if($imagesPerEntry == 1){
if(!empty($ima[$i])) {
if(substr($ima[$i],-4) != ‘.pdf’){ //filter out PDFs
echo “<img src=“blogImages/$ima[$i]” class=“im” alt=”$ima[$i]” />\n";
}else{ //handle PDFs
echo “<a href=“blogImages/$ima[$i]” target=”_blank"><img src=“im/pdfIcon.gif” border=“0” class=“im” alt=“PDF” /> $ima[$i]";

Sorry, but with the given info and piece of code it is not possible to locate bug in your blog script.

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