Suggestions for user post submission plugin

I want to introduce the ability to submit posts with images and/or files for game mods or just reviews. Now I found a plugin that seems to meet my needs but, yet again someone wants money for a single feature.

At this point in time I am really unsure where to go with this. Since 50 percent of the WordPress repository is free (mostly) I will not pay for just one feature. For those of us who lack the skills what are my options here? The only feature I am refering to is the ability to upload a file. I thought about other work-arounds but I would like other people or members to be able to upload without needing to contact me to upload a file for them.

I have made several WordPress plugins and drupal modules too. But to my understanding, I believe that WordPress has a lot of free plugins, and am sure they all work well. FREE is not always free, remember if the plugin gets an error or the server PHP version is updated the plugin will create an error that am sure you will not be able to correct.

So I suggest you get your own plugin created that you will be sure to update if any error arises.

Well unfortunetly I cannot pay for anything right now.

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