Suggestion: Using a web based text editor...


I am wondering what is the best solution for my content site.

I want to allow my biz partner to update the text on the site via our admin site using some sort of text editor.
For example, just like adding posts on this forum, it has the message things like changing font color, style, etc.

I was searching online and all i can see is the “WYSIWYG” text editors. I read pros and cons about that.

I would like to build (script) my own, but I am not sure which is the best solution.

What do you suggest? And where can I find example scipts/apps?


If you have the time, get behind the code of a few of the ones you can find online and put your own (optimalized) code together. If not, grab the one that suits you best and use that. Be sure to read up on reviews, opinions and some comparisons between different packages to make your choice.

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