Suddenly its not working anymore!

I’ve been using this one PHP script for years, never had a problem with it… and suddenly its not working. I did NOT do anything to my website because I hardly update it anyway.

My website: if you go on right side menu and click on content links that go like it wont work, the blog just shows up everytime

Also important to mention is that I think I changed servers?

The script I’ve been using:[code]// Sample script written by Daynah

// Where all your text files are located at
$directory = ‘./’;

// If the variable exists
// Example: If the url is ?x=aboutme
// Does the file $directory/$x.php exist?

// If the page is just called as index.php
// Then just include the default main.txt page
$mypage = ‘blog.php’;

Here’s your problem:


Why do you assume that a GET variable will automatically transfer into a PHP page-wide variable? This is true for servers running with register_globals enabled, but is discouraged. What if I enter something like:


Read up on register_globals, and global variables on the manual website.

my friend got it to work by adding:

$x = $_GET["x"];

this script still being modified but works

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