Submitting information from a form


Hello I am creating a webpage for my college senior project and I have everything created and my database is all laid out on phpMyAdmin, but now I just have a question how do I load the information from a completed form on an html page to the database table on the server? Specifically how do I get the submit button to work and take all the information the user has completed and load it into the database?


Well, you would have to open the database, attach to the table, create a query that would do a MySQL “INSERT”, execute the query, close the connection and then post the results back.

Here is a tutorial on all of those… Click on NEXT CHAPTER to see more…

Here is another tutorial on all of those. Keep pressing the continue button to see more, this site doesn’t show much info at a time…

We also have some tutorials here, but, I like these two for beginners to view… Good luck.