Submit something, then have it displayed in a table? How?

I would like to do something that I know can be done, I just don’t know how exactly.

I want a page where users can submit an image, text, and links and then what is submitted goes to an administration page where such submitted can be approved or declined. And then another page where all the things that have been approved go into a table where the image, text, and links are displayed in a numbered fashion. Here are some picture examples of what I mean:




Here are my versions:
PHP version 4.4.7
MySQL version 4.1.22-standard-log

How exactly do I do this? Is there a script somewhere already written that I can modify or use?

If you are looking for a script you can try

Put be just so you know, we typically don’t help with 3rd party scripts. If its something you have written, no problem, but if its something someone else has and you are just modifying we shy away. We typically like people to contact the person who originally wrote the script.

If you wanted to take a crack at this you would just need to create a table that when someone does submitted the data, a field called something like, status, gets populated with something like new. Then when the admin side approves or declines, this field gets updated with the correct status. Which would be approved or declined.

Then you can just check this field to see which state is at.

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