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Hi i’ve written a code for the following page I want to know how I can program the following submit button so it enters information into the DB

<?php session_start(); ?> PHP <?php echo("A brief introduction to multi agent systems."); define("TITLE","A brief introduction to multi agent systems"); ?> <?php $Firstname = "Tim"; $Surname = "Jones"; $Gender = Male; $Country = "Australia"; $County = "Perth"; $Email = "[email protected]"; ?> First name:


Male Female
Australia Canada France India New Zealand United Kingdom United States Other



What type and version is your PHP, and your database engine?
Have you tried to find tutorials on the internet/google/PHP website?
Have you seen the tutorials on

I’m sure you can find each of the answers to your questions by looking for the following:

  • User input (or go for $_GET and $_POST variables)
  • Database connections
  • Entering and retrieving data to/from a database
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