Submit button not working

Hello everyone. I seem to be running into, what I assume is a minor issue with an easy fix, but would like your advise.

I have a simple button labeled ‘details’ and it works just fine in every browser except for IE. any ideas?

I’m not to sure but you might be confusing your html? Here’s some code from my small cms website that might help you out.

[php]<?php echo "" ?>

          	<p>Edit Blog Name :<br />
		<input class="input-style" type="text" name="blog_name" value="<?php echo $page['blog_name']; ?>" id="menu_name" />              
          	<p>Edit Blog Comment :<br />
		  <textarea name="content"><?php echo $page['content']; ?></textarea>
          <input class="style-buttons" type="submit" name="submit" value="Update Page" />
          <a class="style-buttons" href="delete_page.php?id=<?php echo clean_elem($page['id']); ?>" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this page?');">Delete Page</a>
  </form>        [/php]

Well it’s not really valid HTML.

You need to either remove the anchor and use a tag (with action=“modify2.php”) or you could use JavaScript on the submit button (onclick)

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