Subddomain file upload


I have a sub domain which i need to be able to upload a file to the main site, the file upload works fine in the sub domain folder.

The sub domain files are inside a folder called “sub domains/recruitment”, the images folder is in the root of the site called “images” so thats why im using …/…/images.

I have never done this before so im stuck and cant find any help on google


**update *** im getting an error message saying that there is a restriction on the basedir??? i don’t have access to this apparently?

any help would be great


try setting the absolute path to the file, not relative (…/…/images).

on the other hand it might be the server’s mod_security issue, and u might be rewuired to contact your hosting provider.

Absolute path doesnt work either, i have root access to the server, is there anything i can change ?


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