strip_tags problem


<?php include 'header.php'; $threadid = $_GET['tid']; if($loggedIn) { echo "

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"; $reply1 = $_POST['reply_content']; $reply = $_POST['submit']; $reply1 = strip_tags($reply1,''); if($reply) { if($reply1 == '') { echo "Reply should not be empty"; } if(strlen($reply)<5) { echo "Reply is too short (Min 5 characters)"; } else { $db->query("INSERT INTO replies (threadID, reply, posted_by) VALUES ('$threadid', '$reply1', '$myC->Username')"); } } // end if reply } else { echo "Not logged in"; }[/php] All tags except , and The problem is that if the user uses another tag (for example

) and then posts it, the reply gets posted as blank. Is there a way to make it so it gives out a error message instead of posting it as blank?

Never mind :slight_smile:

Figured out myself

Mods, please lock/delete this thread

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