Strict Standards:

Hi Guys,

So first time beginner coder and I have been doing a lot of tutorials. I tend to be the kinda person to Google stuff before I post and I really couldnt find help with my issue. So first, my code (Please disregard the comments in the code as its for my own use later so I know what I did)

[php]session_start(); // Deals with login sections

$path = dirname(FILE); // Is the entire path up on this script


mysql_connect (“localhost”,“root”,"");
mysql_select_db (“gaming”);

//Scrint name is path from root directory. anything after .com of a site Explode function takes a character and it breaks up a string to decide where space is. - 4 means it takes off .php to give you for logging in
$page_name = substr(end(explode("/", $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’])), 0, -4);[/php]

So when I run the above, on my page I get Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in C:\xampp\htdocs\coding\inc\ on line 24

I am following this tutorial and it happens around 13:10 in the video.

Really appreciate any help here as its driving me up the walls.

Thanks in advance

What are you trying to do?

Simply means you are trying to pass a non-variable by reference. You didn’t post the appropriate code here. It would be a call to a function that has a variable preceded by &

seems like you posted this question elsewhere

did Jessica’s answer not fix your problem??

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