Storing High precision floating numbers (Lat and Lon)

I am trying to store Lat and Lon coordinates but they seem to get rounded up after 6 decimal places. Is there any way for higher precision in PHP?

try using float instead of decimal

How do you specify a variable type? When setting a variable its just ‘$VarName = 4.3933433’

Well… where is the issue stemming from?

SAVING? (as you mentioned)

Or displaying it on a PHP page somewhere?

Not sure exactly where your error is coming from:

This displays correctly for me:

$value1 = 4.3933433;
$value2 = 2.4325334331584;

Value 1: <?=$value1?><br>
Value 2: <?=$value2?><br>

Without showing WHERE this stuff is coming from…
How you are attempting to save it…

Where the actual displaying is going on… (where its rounded to only 6 decimal places)

Not much more to go on.

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