Steam Website Invite (Preview)


Well since some of you helped me in the past on here I figured i would show you a preview of my website i have been working on. The website is still a work in progress but alot of the code has been done mainly what is next work on the final design. This is why I am calling it a trial run and its only available until October 31st.

Invite URL:

Please beware I am mostly self taught with help from a friend and great community. Also notice this is still in Alpha/Beta phase not the final design. I will announce a public release after I close the invite one on the main url.

So please do not be to harsh lots of time and effort went into this and learning. We tried to clear all the errors out of it we are using the latest php and mysql and curl.


Looks like you have a little more work to do, the Screen Shots look awesome though, makes me want to play.


Ya I still have some more features to add but glad you like it so far. Feel free to upload some game screen shots for testing if you got steam. I am not sure on this being the final design it may change on public release.


You need to work hard. The website currently looking spam.
the most important thing that you need to do is to get inspiration from others. Try improve the design and code. Best of luck for future! :slight_smile:


Thanks but not sure what you mean by spam if anything people on steam can spam photos no one else can upload or comment anything. You must be signed into steam to do anything on the site.


So many links, no content, so black. I give 1/10.


So many links there are 4 main links including the steam login button. At the bottom yes there are a few more links. But those are to help new people out. I understand the design is not 100% professional looking but it is still in (Alpha) the code is done by me and a friend no one else 2 person team only. He setup the php code for the database I did everything else.

To only give the site a 1 and not think of the back-end code and not explain why it sucks I really don’t get it lol. Lots of time went into the coding later down the road yes more content will be added for eye candy and so on. This is not the final design this is however the first step in this website. Anyways if you are here to just say your 2 cents heard it and will apply the fixes later.