Steam Punk Mafia MMORPG | Noob Coder | Please Review


Hello everyone. I have spent the past few years working on this website I never went to school, I am a self taught coder. I was hoping I could get some feedback from you guys on how it looks, if it runs smoothly, and if you create an account, how you like the game mechanics. If I could also get any feedback regarding the sites security that would be awesome. Namaste!

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The screen layout and design makes it hard for me to read, everything seems to blend together when I look at it. It’s probably the black background…


Why limit password length?
I don’t like it when a site is able to email me my clear text password (at least you do recovery to a new temp pass)
When resetting you should be sent to the change password page, it was temporary, right?
When registering there is no validation on too long passwords, if I enter 100 chars (lastpass) then it’s a-ok but I can’t log in afterwards.
After logging in the login box is still visible in the top right.
When entering a mobster nickname of 3 chars it throws an error saying it should be minimum 3 chars
Upload avatar button says “sumbit”


Thank you Jim, I will work on all those things you pointed out today. Appreciate the feedback.