Standardize apostrophes in answers

I am trying to get PHP to check and mark student answers against the correct answers from a MySQL table.

I need to standardize the apostrophes. Their Chinese input methods sometimes use strange apostrophes.

For example:

$studiAnswers[8] is: haven’t written
$correctAnswers[8] is: haven’t written|have not written

I explode(’|’, $correctAnswers[$i]) then check if the student answer is in $thisAnswer

The apostrophe in $studiAnswers[8] has the number 8127, according to Python:


But the apostrophe in $correctAnswers[8] has the number 39 and this makes the student answer wrong.

Is str_replace() the best way to do this?

IMO… yes… run whatever standardizing routines you need… then do the compares.

Yes and no. str_replace() could absolutely solve it. The “no” part is that there could be other apostrophe characters, that you’re not accounting for. Check out for more info on the subject.

Thanks! This is what I tried, seems to work:

$apo1 = '’';
//echo '<br>';
//echo '$apo1 is: ' . $apo1;
//echo '<br>';
$apo2 = '׳';
$apo3 = 'ꞌ';
$apo4 = 'ʼ';
$apo5 = 'ʽ';
$apoGood = '\'';
$wrongApos = array($apo1, $apo2, $apo3, $apo4, $apo5);
$newstudiAnswer = str_replace($wrongApos, $apoGood, $studiAnswers[$i]);

I tried using chr() but it didn’t work, so I put chr(number) in Python, got the character then put that in PHP

That is, when I wrote:

$apo2 = chr(8217) $apo2 had no value, at least echo would not show it and the student’s answer remained unchanged, so I put the actual characters. I know of 5, maybe there are more apostrophes.

The 5 I know of are: chr(8217), chr(1523), chr(42892), chr(700) and chr(701), oh yeah, and our old friend '

Know any more?

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