SQLConnector Object Class

Dear all,

I guess it’s time I shared some of my geniusness with you :stuck_out_tongue:

The File: http://dragonballarea.homestead.com/fil … nector.zip
The Contents:

  • readme.txt
  • SQLConnector.html
  • SQLConnector.php

You get to do whatever you want with this.

It’s basically an object that handles the connection between your script and the SQL server (the one in the zipfile is suited for MySQL 5.0 and up, but please don’t hesitate to port it to other database types, as long as they’re SQL). You can take the readme.txt license stuff with a grain of salt (typed it up at one point and forgot about it afterwards). Not like I’m gonna sue you if you change stuff and don’t credit me.

The SQLConnector.html file is a PHPDoc file in the style and layout of JavaDocs (as I find that format quite pleasant to work with). By all means, change it if it suits you better in a different way.

Any questions, problems, bugs, etc. Please post them here, and I’ll do my best to answer/fix/etc.

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