First off, hello all this is my first post.

I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong forum. My question is some with database, php, and sql.

Our company uses a financial system from Deltek called Wind2. The information is kept in a database (I think). I say that because we have a sql server running that handles the database. The database’s name is our companies name and located on a server on our LAN. This is where I get confused. Each client machine would connect remotely across our LAN to access the database and input information through the Deltek program. On my machine (client machine), there are the following links under ODBC Data Source Administrator:

Wind2 Billing – Microsoft Visual Foxpro Driver
Wind2 Company – SQL Server
Wind2 Company Free - Microsoft Visual Foxpro Driver
Wind2 DTS Dataset - Microsoft Visual Foxpro Driver
Wind2 Reports - Microsoft Visual Foxpro Driver

My first question is “What does the Foxpro Driver mean?”. Is this another database or sub-database?

What I would like to be able to do is access some information and have it displayed on a web page. For example, we are an engineering firm and budgets are critical. I would like users to be able to access a LAN based webpage and retrieve the budget information on a project basis. I am not sure how to accomplish this since I am not sure how to connect to the database. I have a mysql database set up for our standards and have no problem connecting to that (that is on a totally different server).

My second question is “How do I connect to the sql database?”.

I don’t know if anyone is able to help or not. Again, I apologize if this isn’t the correct forum for my question.

Well the Foxpro is a driver that is used by MS Foxpro to access the data. Foxpro is (in many ways) like MS Access. It can be a database in it’s own right or it can be a front end to a database server (Such as MS SQL Server). Foxpro can also be used to develop applications (much like Access can).

So the DRIVER for FOXPRO would be used by an application created in Foxpro or Foxpro as standalone to access SQL Data from a server.

How you connect to the server depends on how you want to. By this I mean, are you doing it from PHP or from MS Access, or some other means? What kind of DB Server are you connecting to? Do you have the required credentials to login to the server?

Need more info to answer the question properly.

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