Split the main array to multiple arrays if has this value

My array is

$arr = array(
'global' => array(
	array('tabs', 'tabs', 'tabs', array(
		'Main' => 'main',
		'Gallery' => 'galleryID',
		'mera' => 'mera',

	array('main','div',  'div'),
	array('egice', 'Eice', 'text', '', ''),
	array('closeHere', 'closeHere', 'closeHere'),

	array('galleryID','div',  'div'),
	array('gallery', 'Gallery #1', 'image', '', ''),
	array('closeHere', 'closeHere', 'closeHere'),

	array('networking', 'div', 'div'),
	array('siLype', 'SiLype', 'text', '', ''),
	array('gpXCge', 'GpXCge',  'toggle_button', '1', 'Yes', 'No', ''),
	array('closeHere', 'closeHere', 'closeHere'),

	array('mera', 'div', 'div'),
	array('maimera', 'Maimera', 'repeatedText', 'resYI', 'GYL',''),
	array('closeHere', 'closeHere', 'closeHere'),

	array( 'moures','div', 'div'),
	array('meLmo', 'MeLmo', 'text', '', ''),
	array('cYSlot', 'CYSlot', 'text', '', ''),
	array('closeHere', 'closeHere', 'closeHere'),

	array('clT', 'clT', 'clT'),



Simply, I want to split the main array to multiple arrays
extract new Array if “div” value found

I had tried here to do it but I can’t
https://3v4l.org/ppj1O 1
Could you help?

OP has responses on another forum.

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