Some please cleanup my code and install php to send to log.txt local file

Okay what I want those answers that people write in the text box is for them to be sent to a log.txt local file. I made the html code myself, without the PHP. Now if you guys can implement the PHP that would be awesome.
Give me some pointers, explain this to me like I dont know PHP. Thanks :wink:

First you need to fix your HTML, you see that in jsfiddle that it showing the errors in “RED” just scroll to the bottom.

You also can’t have nested body tags, they way you are using the “” tag doesn’t make sense, just delete it.

Also delete this, you don’t have any script…

[php] }

Also, post your code here as that is why we are all here. Please post it inside of the PHP tags above the text
box. You data is in input fields. You can read them as posted data and then write to the log file. Here is a link
to an explanation of how to write to the file. Hope it helps!

The Forum is “PHPHelp”, not “Code Writers.” Make an effort and create a new thread with your attempt. If you want to pay someone there is a freelance section.

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