Some Help with an assignment!

I have a sign in page


Enter your name: [/php]

From here this must create an info.php script that gets the users name from the submit box from the sign in page. This info.php page will also display the lists of options of available info such as, Banks, Construction, Aeroplanes etc.

It then needs to augmented with the users name in a hidden field and modified so that it connects to a different script (sendinfo2.php). This new sendinfo.php script will do the checking. By checking I mean it will read the contents of a text file (subscriptions.txt)

The format that the data is held in the txt file is as follows:

stepo Banks;Construction

As you can see they are my subscriptions. So sendinfo2.php checks the txt file and decides whether that user has subscribed to a certain option. if he has then it will let the user choose only the categories they have subscribed to. If not then it must display an appropriate message.

Oh and just to clarify I am not interested in creating or updating the subscriptions file. I will just put some data into that myself and check the system.

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