[SOLVED] Shopping Cart Help and PHP problems

Hey everyone. I have been working on this shopping cart for about 2 weeks now and I need some advise on a part of it.

The shopping cart is a “Custom PC Building”.

User clicks onto the product they want to select and customize it.

I am running a while loop to display the Component Types. (Example: Motherboard, Processor, Ram … etc…)

— Inside of the above while loop I have another while loop that displays the Components assigned…

I need some help with building a complex shopping cart. My radio buttons are not being selected corrected when the page loads. And I am very confused.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction of creating more complex shopping carts. One of the problems is the a component is assigned to many different products and it is not always the selected button when the page loads.

Serious reply only please.

Thanks all.

have u had any not serious replies in this forum jet?

Mostly “no”… Not from phphelp.com

It is just a line that I have become use to putting into my posts because of other places.


:) lol You rock too!
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