[SOLVED] Accepting Credit Card with my PHP shopping cart?

Okay here we go:

I have designed a shopping cart using PHP and alittle javascript.

It seems in order so my next step is to work on the CHECK OUT.

I know I will need to get a SSL - which I plan on getting through network solutions.

I want to use a Gateway to process the credit card right then on the spot instead of a processor. I hope thats ok.

1.) From what I understand I need to get a merchant account.
2.) I need to use a Credit Card gateway company (Like Authorize.net) to process the Credit card from the customer and send the money to my merchant account.
3.) I need to incorporate the gateway code into my checkout php form.

Am I right so far?

1.) Where should I get a merchant account? What are the company names???
2.) What payment gateway processor is good (ie: Authorize.net) ???
3.) Is incorporating the gateway or processor code into my php form hard?

Thanks all for reading… :)


Anybody know anything about this I would really appreciate it…

I found that paypal’s “Payments Pro” …

Is a good starting choose.


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