Social Security Number verification


Does anyone have some info or a link to a site with some info on how to verify a social security number is correct. I don’t want to link to a live system and verify that the name matches the number and all that. I just would like a way to check that a ss# someone entered could be correct. I have googled and searched on the site but haven’t had any luck yet.


My first question is what kind of site are you running that you would need (and people would give you) a SSN. Since SSNs predate computers by at least 20 years, and were assigned in random order by the Social Security field office you visted (until 1973), there probably isn’t a regex that you can use to verify a number matches a particular individual. That being said, they are all in the format 000-00-0000, and the first three digits will never be “000.” Currently, the highest prefix is “772-”

My second question for you is what does this have to do with PHP?


This has nothing to do with PHP. But I thought maybe someone else ran into this issue. The “site” is an internal application for the non-profit agency I work for. We try very hard to keep a history of our participants activity with us by using name , ss#'s, dob, etc… People will often give us false ss#'s or give us a different one each time they come back. Some of our programs require a valid ss#, some don’t. I am just striving to make the data as acurate as possible without being able connect directly to a database of valid ss#/name combinations. Short of explaining to people that it’s ok if we help them more than once and they don’t need to lie, I thought having a way to verify ss#'s might be second best. I wasn’t sure if there is a coralation between the first set 000 and the second and third set 00-0000 or vice vera. I did find a product that claims to do what I want, but I don’t want to buy it. … /10013.htm I also sent an email to the Social Security Office asking for assistance, so don’t think I asked here and no where else. I’m not sure how long it will be before I hear from them so I thought I would try this.