So New, I don't even know how to start..

Let me tell you what I do know…:
Let me tell you what I would like to know how to do:
Create a Tickertape that displays a message to all online users that says something submitted bellow on a form from another user…



When Filled out this is what views:

=======Bob 3:44EST: hello world!! =========
Name: Bob
Message: hello world!!

anyone up the the challange helping a compleate NEWBIE?..

What you want is to have a form that submits a field (message), and store this field somewhere (remote file, database, etc).
Then you want a global script to retrieve this remote file/database data, and display it in a ticker.

What you’re looking for is tutorials on creating PHP forms, PHP remote files, PHP MySQL connections. Use those terms in your favorite search engine and start reading ;)

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