sms gateway

thanks Ernie for your information but I think I am not able to explain my prob. clearly
so here is the code with details :
bellow in this code i am sending mobileno. and message to my database by entering manually
eg: http://localhost:rough.php?&dest_mobileno=22222&message=text
now if i hit this url data will be gone to my database that is done
actually i am using kannel as gateway and i need to receive mobileno and message through get url in kannel config.
here is the kannel sms service file:
group = sms-service
group = sms-service
#name = nothing
keyword = default
#aliases = “noppy;niente”
text = “You asked nothing and I did it!”
get-url = “http://localhost/bongolive/rough.php?mobileno=%p&message=%r

php script:rough.php

<?php //error_reporting(0); include('config/db.php'); //echo 'shrikanta1:'.$_GET['message']; echo $id = $_GET['id']."
";echo "
"; echo $dest = $_GET['mobileno']; $mesg = $_GET['message']; echo "
"; $query = "insert into rough(sms_send_id,dest_mobile_no,messege) values ('$id','$dest','$mesg')"; echo 'shrikanta:'.$query; mysql_query($query); //echo $result; ?>

now my problem is how can I dynamically get aal the mobileno and message to my url if i need to make a script please guide me.


Well, if you already have the number and just want to use it in a PHP page, you can add it to the url.
This can be done in two ways.

The first is just add it as an argument. This is done by adding it to the URL in this format:

As an example, if your phone number is called $dest in PHP, when you set up the URL in PHP using $dest.
So, setting up your URL, something like:
$my-url = “” . $dest;
On your site, it would use something like: $phone_number = $_GET[‘number’]; to retrieve the number
from the argument(s). (You can add several others for further info…)
Not sure if that is what you are asking.

The second way is to pass the values thru $_SESSION variables. This is more secure, but, the calling page
and landing page must have access to them. In your example, I think you need to use arguments.

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