sms gateway

how can we get the sender phone no. to my url so that when i hit the url it do to my database
i can manually put sender no. to url and when hit it it go to database
but how can i dynamically receive mobile no. to url


Well, I am not sure what you are asking. But, I suspect you are NOT talking about SMS. Are you looking for CALLER-ID instead?

SMS is a texting system which stands for Short-Message-System and is handled by a service assigned by the phone system, so, it might be AT&T, iPhone, etc… Each is handled in a different way.

Now, if you mean CALLER-ID from a mobile web browser, that can be done thru the session connection information that is part of your connection thru the internet. This can be done in many ways. I have not attempted it myself, but, here is a site that shows one way to handle it. Hope it helps…
Good luck!

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